Ravir Skin Care - Since 1993

Based in Milford on Auckland's North Shore, RAVIR Skin Care  was the first skin care company to introduce Glycolic Acid (AHA's) to the New Zealand Beauty Therapy industry in 1993.  Since then we have introduced many other essential products to the skin care industry.

RAVIR imports a wide range of professional skin care, spa and body products from well reputed, major laboratories in the United States of America (USA). Since 1993 RAVIR's laboratories have been developing the impeccable formulations now presented to you. 

RAVIR's laboratories have a team of experts from alternative communities that have pioneered the use of botanicals and technologically-advanced ingredients in skin care.   The RAVIR laboratories employ one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the cosmetic industry, conforming to all FDA standards and requirements.

  RAVIR does not test on animals and its products are environmentally friendly.

 RAVIR Skin Care is the sole Importer and Distributor for Australasia.





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